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  • Chris Cuomo - Host of CNN's New Day

    We were flattered when Chris Cuomo and his staff reached out to to us to create a new web presence for Chris. This is a very clean responsive site that works well on desktop or mobile browsers. It features an automatic...

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  • Memoriis - Personal Content Management

    We were thrilled when Rob and Craig Kaufman came to us with an idea for a unique personal content management system.  We built them an application that allows subscribers to store their photos, videos, documents, and...

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  • Beladora - Antique and Estate Jewelry

    This elegant website features high-end retail jewelry and one of the fastest complex search elements every built.  Beladora was built using a custom WordPress template and and a highly customized OpenCart cart...

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Colocation Provider - Telehouse – January 2009 to present

Testimonial – Over the past two years, Andy LoCascio has helped TELEHOUSE America reach stratospheric heights with regards to our organic ranking in the big three search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN). Prior to working with SoundStrategies, TELEHOUSE was buried on the ninth and tenth pages for most industry-specific search terms within all three engines. Three weeks after hiring Andy, TELEHOUSE began appearing on the first page of organic searches for over 40 key terms such as “colocation service provider”, “Internet exchanges,” “NYC data centers,” etc. This successful campaign led to a 65% increase in leads generated from our web presence, and most came from companies who were not aware of the “TELEHOUSE brand” but needed the services we provided. At present day, TELEHOUSE America holds placement for over 90 industry terms and the number of leads generated from web marketing have reached all-time highs. Andy’s impressive results also enabled him to win an annual SEO contract with our sister-company, TELEHOUSE Europe, allowing them to also outrank their largest competitors in London and Paris. I not only recommend Andy, but I consider him to be the best SEO guy in the business. He will strengthen your Internet marketing immensely and, ultimately, help your business grow.  Vincent Corely – Senior Marketing Manager – Telehouse America

Parking Guide BookPark It! Guides – November 2008 to present

A traffic analysis determined that there was almost no traffic related to the product being offered. An alternate strategy was applied that focused on numerous other driving related topics to increase traffic more than 400% and improve page views per visit to over 3. Aggressive rank monitoring was used to shift the strategy to focus on improving the most productive terms. The site now has over a dozen top 5 ranks for critical terms. Over 45% of the traffic to this site comes from organic searches.

Testimonial – We came to Sound Strategies with great products, but no web traffic. We’re a geographically and behaviorally niched company, so we brainstormed about what is important to our customers outside of our NYC parking books and maps. That led to adding website content about topics including driving, NYC parking tickets, NYC traffic tickets, and EZPassNY, and we used their Link Manager program to acquire inbound links from dozens of related sites. In just three months, we were appearing on the first page of Google searches, seeing huge increases in web traffic, making sales, and adding subscribers to our e-newsletter. Sound Strategies handles all our website updates and newsletter design, plus they’re incredibly responsive, they know what they’re doing and won’t waste your money, and it’s a great partnership. Margot Tohn – Publisher – Parkit! NYC

Nationally Acclaimed TV ShowNortheast Angling – July 2007 to present

An aggressive partner linking strategy was applied to this content-rich site to increase traffic from 350 visitors per week to well over 22,000 visitors per week. Average page views per visit increased from 3 to nearly 9. This site has numerous number one rankings for a wide range of terms. Over 70% of the traffic to this site comes from organic searches.

Testimonial – We had the top rated outdoor TV show in the nation, incredible in-depth web content, but virtually no traffic. The team at Sound Strategies optimized all of our content and got us nearly 3000 inbound partner links and we get more every week! We have more traffic than all other fishing TV show websites combined and we have leveraged that into viewers for both are cable/satellite broadcast and free webcast. Our site has nearly 20 #1 rankings for fishing phrases. The folks at Sound Strategies also built ten other fishing related websites for us. Jackie Wright – General Manager – Angling Productions, Inc.

Medical Services ProviderPath Medical - April 2008 to present

An aggressive SEO strategy was applied focusing on an entirely new website built by Network9. In 6 months, traffic to the site has more than tripled. Average page views per visit improved from 3 to over 7. Newsletter subscriptions increased more than 500%. This site now has more than a dozen top 10 rankings for highly relevant very competitive terms. Over 35% of the traffic to this site now comes from organic searches.

Acupuncture Fertility SpecialistYin & Tonic Acupuncture – March 2008 to present

Only minor content changes were applied along with the installation of a partner link management system. In one year traffic has increased 500% and average page views per visit improved from under 3 to just over 5. The site has several top 10 rankings for very competitive “fertility” terms and numerous top 20 rankings. A blog was added in March 2009 to allow the business owners to create additional relevant content. Over 70% of the traffic to this site comes from organic searches.

Allergy Relief Supply RetailerAllergy Relief Store – May 2008 to present

A traffic analysis identified several distinct groups of traffic. Landing pages were added for each group and the site flow was altered to use these new pages. This online retail marketplace is extremely competitive. This site now has more than 40 top 10 rankings including nearly a dozen number one rankings. Traffic from search engines has increased more than 300%. Over 85% of the traffic to this site comes from organic searches.

Personal Insurance ProviderR.K. Hughes – January 2008 to present

An aggressive SEO strategy was applied focusing on four new websites for the core business, marine, auto, and motorcycle insurance. After 3 months, there was effective traffic to all four sites. Overall traffic increased over 1100% in the first 9 months. Each of the sites has more than a dozen top 10 ranks for highly competitive terms. Over 90% of the traffic to these sites comes from organic searches.