Recent Launches
  • Chris Cuomo - Host of CNN's New Day

    We were flattered when Chris Cuomo and his staff reached out to to us to create a new web presence for Chris. This is a very clean responsive site that works well on desktop or mobile browsers. It features an automatic...

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  • Memoriis - Personal Content Management

    We were thrilled when Rob and Craig Kaufman came to us with an idea for a unique personal content management system.  We built them an application that allows subscribers to store their photos, videos, documents, and...

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  • Beladora - Antique and Estate Jewelry

    This elegant website features high-end retail jewelry and one of the fastest complex search elements every built.  Beladora was built using a custom WordPress template and and a highly customized OpenCart cart...

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Sound Strategies
Port Washington, NY
NYC, New York
Andy LoCascio - CEO
(516) 978-1634
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Please contact us for any support issues that are not addressed below

WordPress Support

We offer comprehensive support packages for all levels of WordPress users.  All our WordPress support plans include the following:

  • Daily offsite backup (files and database)
  • Technical support for selecting and installing plugins
  • Technical support for configuring/troubleshooting plugins
  • Programming support* for implementing plugins
  • Programming support* for theme enhancements
  • Programming support* for performance optimization (including CDN usage)
  • Monthly installation security and health review
  • Monthly plugin and version updates (most recent stable)
  • Monthly backup verification
  • Highest possible server level security (more below)

*Programming support consists of technical consults provided to third-party and in-house programming teams.  Alternatively, fee based programming services are also available.

Server Level Security Details 

  • There is no third-party or client FTP access to the domains.  Sound Strategies staff members are the only ones the FTP access.
  • There is no third-party or client server access.   A limited group of Sound Strategies senior staff members are the only ones with server access.
  • All access to the server is further limited by IP address.
  • Several third-party tools are installed on the server to prevent incursions including brute force password hacking.
  • The file permissions within EVERY WordPress application are carefully controlled so that known vulnerabilities cannot be exploited.
  • The servers all have the highest possible level of logging.  If someone does successfully penetrate the application, the exact time, method, and IP address are all logged.
  • Additional tools are in place that provide the ability to block individual IP addresses and entire blocks of IP addresses

Please contact us for more information

WordPress Resources

WordPress User Roles 

Third Party Product Support

Linkmgr (login)Getting Started -Support

RankMgr (login)FAQSupport

Understanding the RankMgr Report

Changing Your Local Host File

AWSTATS vs Google Analytics

Email support for clients using GMail

Important Notes
Your email address should always appear as, NOT
Incoming mail server name is always
Outgoing mail server name is always
Outlook 2007 Email Setup Instructions
Outlook 2003 Email Setup Instructions
Outlook 2002 Email Setup Instructions
Outlook Express Email Setup Instructions
Blackberry Email Setup Instructions
All Other Setup Instructions

Access Your Email from Anywhere by entering the URL

Important Consideration for Outlook Users
If you are sending email from your Gmail account, the sent items will appear in your Outlook Inbox, to correct this you need to create a rule in Outlook that will move mail that is sent from your email address to the Sent box (Tools –> Rules)
Important Consideration for Blackberry Users
If you are using a Blackberry or other mobile device and do not want to see duplicate copies of what was sent when using your GMail account, you need to log into the Blackberry internet site and create a filter with your email address in the “contains” field and selecting “do not forward messages to handheld”