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Chris Cuomo – Host of CNN’s New Day

We were flattered when Chris Cuomo and his staff reached out to to us to create a new web presence for Chris. This is a very clean responsive site that works well on desktop or mobile browsers. It features an automatic news feed and can easily be customized by Chris or his team at any time.

If you haven't been watching CNN's New Day you are really missing something special. Chris has over a million twitter followers and it is easy to see why. He is an exceptional reporter and is not afraid...

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A Bear is Chasing You Through the Woods!


Our clients share numerous SEO related articles from around the web with us.  It is greatly appreciated, and we sometimes get useful actionable information from the articles. Unfortunately, most of the pieces touch gently on one specific component of search engine optimization and fail to provide enough supporting content to be useful.  Some of the information is totally misleading and other info is downright wrong.

There are two distinct classes of SEO professionals; the fringe guys who...

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Memoriis – Personal Content Management


We were thrilled when Rob and Craig Kaufman came to us with an idea for a unique personal content management system.  We built them an application that allows subscribers to store their photos, videos, documents, and personal notes in an application with the highest possible security.  Memoriis allows the subscriber can organize their contents in "boxes" within "chests" along with descriptions and tags.  Portions of the content stored by the subscriber can be shared with trusted associates or...

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Beladora – Antique and Estate Jewelry


This elegant website features high-end retail jewelry and one of the fastest complex search elements every built.  Beladora was built using a custom WordPress template and and a highly customized OpenCart cart processor.  This site is fully SEO compliant and was designed so that the business owners can customize virtually every aspect of the appearance without needing to engage our programming team.   It also includes an fully integrated SEO compliant blog (see

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Business Gets Down and Dirty on the Beach

AVP 2013 Schedule

The business of beach volleyball takes a turn for the worse as Donald Sun and the AVP may be endangering the future of the entire sport.  Only time will tell how this all plays out.

As an internet service provider for numerous news and sports outlets, and an avid fan and player for countless years, I felt that I couldn't stay silent on this subject any longer.  Late last week the 2013 AVP schedule was finally announced.  They only have five events that conflict with two of the four NVL...

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ScotusBlog Wins Coveted Peabody Award

Peabody Award

Congratulations to the team at the SCOTUS Blog for winning the coveted Peabody Award for excellence in electronic media!  This is the first time in the 72 year history of the awards that a blog has won a Peabody Award.  The blog was described as  "a  treasure trove mostly of text - archival material, updates, analysis - about the daily and historic workings of the Supreme Court".




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Newsletter Woes – Say Goodbye to ConstantContact


So you worked hard and built up a sizable opt-in email list which has become an important part of your marketing strategy, well don't get too comfortable because some email providers have no desire to defend your efforts.  What follows may sound like a gripe solely against ConstantContact, but I suspect they are not alone.
The Facts
A client worked hard and built an email list of nearly 2000 opt-in emails over several years.  Everyone one on the list had received numerous emails with similar...

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Content is King!


I was flattered when Dan Abrams came to me in the Spring of 2009 asking for our support in building Mediaite.  It was quite a challenge and we had some early struggles handling the traffic and optimizing the WordPress application, but we got through it.  We have been involved with nearly all of their properties and continue to support their efforts.

It came as little surprise that the combined properties had their best month ever in August 2012.  You can read all about it here.  In summary,...

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Scotus Blog Calls The Healthcare Decision Right (and we help a bit)


Justice Roberts deciding vote and the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) majority opinion that the individual healthcare mandate was constitutional will certainly have implications for everyone. Personally I have my own opinion, but that is really not relevant here. Our mission at Sound Strategies is to ensure that our clients deliver their message to their audience.

We received an intriguing call on the Friday night before decision was to be rendered early the following week. Max...

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Love Stinks and so does your Video!

Web Video Guidelines

The emphasis on web video continues to increase exponentially. Many business owners are spending significant time and money on video. They believe that just by adding videos to the web it will create new sources of traffic to their websites. The actual reality is quite different and very few efforts result in a positive return on investment.
Yawn, Bedtime Viewing Only
It is critical that your content has some kind of impact. Most videos produced for business owners are simply boring. Even if...

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