Recent Launches
  • Chris Cuomo - Host of CNN's New Day

    We were flattered when Chris Cuomo and his staff reached out to to us to create a new web presence for Chris. This is a very clean responsive site that works well on desktop or mobile browsers. It features an automatic...

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  • Memoriis - Personal Content Management

    We were thrilled when Rob and Craig Kaufman came to us with an idea for a unique personal content management system.  We built them an application that allows subscribers to store their photos, videos, documents, and...

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  • Beladora - Antique and Estate Jewelry

    This elegant website features high-end retail jewelry and one of the fastest complex search elements every built.  Beladora was built using a custom WordPress template and and a highly customized OpenCart cart...

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We offer comprehensive SEO campaigns (see recent campaigns) that include keyword analysis, strategy determination, content review and optimization, SEO compliant design and programming, link acquisition, content writing, writer training, monitoring, and campaign analysis.

Keyword Analysis - No SEO effort should ever be undertaken without a detailed understanding of traffic and competition.  We use the latest tools and our own custom tools to create hyper-accurate analyses.  The keyword analysis is used to determine the most productive content and link acquisition strategies.  It is also used to create a list of critical phrases that are used to track the success of the SEO campaign.

Strategy Determination - We create content and link acquisition strategies that are customized to meet the goals of our clients and stay within their budgets.

Content Review & Optimization Suggestions - We use our knowledge of SEO compliant design to review existing websites and create detailed instructions for optimization.  We also provide support for in-house programming teams that are implementing our suggestions.

Content Optimization - We have a diverse programming staff that can handle nearly every programming language (HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL, .ASP, .NET, etc.) and most popular content managers (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.).  Our programmers specialize in ensuring that all content is properly optimized.

SEO Compliant Site Design – We provide a complete suite of web design services.  All web designs are fully SEO compliant.  Our clients use these services to enhance existing websites and create new websites (including mini-sites used to support SEO campaigns for other sites).

SEO Compliant Site Creation - We have a very diverse application development team that specializes in building SEO compliant websites.  Our programmers have built hundreds of optimized websites in nearly every programming language (HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL, .ASP, .NET, etc.) and most popular content managers (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.).  We also build our own custom content management systems and specialized custom applications.

Link Acquisition - We have a team of link acquisition specialists that use our extensive partner list and comprehensive resources to acquire critical inbound links.  These links act as “votes” for your website and improve the authority of the content.

Content Creation/Acquisition – We have a talent staff of both in-house and freelance content writers who can create both static content and articles.  These writers specialize in creating high quality optimized content that is intended not only to boost rank, but acquire critical inbound links.

Content Writer/Editor Training – We can train your in-house authors, moderators, and editors on how to get the most benefit from both static content and articles.  We also provide editors who can review and correct in-house authors.

Monitoring - All SEO campaigns must include detailed monitoring and reporting to determine the progress and success of the campaign.  We have created our own custom rank monitoring tools that we use in conjunction with web statistics and Google data to adjust the campaign.

Campaign analysis - The ultimate goal of every campaign is to increase traffic and maintain conversion rate (quality of the traffic). At numerous points during the campaign we discuss the progress with our clients so that they can gain a detailed understanding  of ROI.